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Hello and BIG Welcome from Urbanpiggies.

We  have been breeding Guinea Pigs locally and overseas as long as we remember. 

Being with them for so long we have developed a special affection towards long-haired guineas so in the last 7 years we have specialized mainly in long haired breeds which include:

Peruvians, Merinos, Texels.

We have started with Alpaca cavies this year too.            

We have met some lovely people who have been kind enough to start us off with these breeds or given us their time, advice and shared their experience and WE thank them for their kindness. You know who you are .

Kept properly, with enough space, the right diet and most importantly LOVE, any kind of Guinea Pig will make an engaging, sociable, comical pet and companion.      We sometimes have guinea pigs available for sale/homing to loving homes. You can find these on the Homing a Bacon-page.

As animal lovers we are very fond of these four legged-creatures and always look for new ways to improve their well-being during their stay within our stud as babies and after we farewell them to their new loving homes.  Therefore we have put together this site with a possibility for everybody to have an opportunity to share experiences through the Testimonials page, Membership or emails.

We are always available for General, Health and Nutritional advice as a added benefit to the members and prospective guinea pig owners. 

Don't forget to get a FREE Membership and join our stud. We are very interested in receiving your feedback, fresh ideas and comments.

Based in Melbourne.

If you are interested in homing a guinea pig please make sure you have read our Terms of sale

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