Urban Guinea Pigs presents:


                             URBAN PIGGIES FOOD MIX AND HAY


Our FOOD MIX uses the highest quality ingredients which includes:

- Selected variety of grains and seeds

- Variety of grasses rich with proteins

- Vitamin C Enriched


The HAY is usually collected as a first cut and on occasions second cut from the harvest - which means only the best and the most nutritious part of the plants go to our and your piggies.

Benefits of hay to your piggies:

Keeps teeth trim

Excellent source of essential fibre, vitamins & minerals

Can be used as bedding material

Promotes healthy digestion

Keeps piggies entertained

If you feed you precious little critters with our  Urban - Mix and compliment it with a good daily supply of Grass or Meadow Hay, your guineas will have all they need from the nutrition point of view and the best part it can All be bought at one place.





Small bale of Hay (approx. size 18cm x35cm x45cm) =$12

If you like to order some food or hay or both please let us know by order here so we can get it organised for you asap.


BUY 10kg of mix get free HAY value $12

BUY 5kg of mix get HAY for only $6

Pick up or delivery*

Thanks for your consideration

*Delivery charges apply

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