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      Broadcasting: some new and exciting services available for you including:


       During many years spent grooming our beloved guinea piggies we have noticed that in many occasions this can be a mammoth and confusing task. From clipping nails and cutting their Fancy long hair to the massive task of UN-tangling small fur-balls, both the owners and guinea pigs become frustrated with or without desired outcome.

       Preventing and treating parasites, mite/lice infestation and getting the right advice from the right people is also an important decision of the owner of the guinea pig. As the health of our beloved guinea pigs can deteriorate very rapidly - so the old saying: "Prevention is better than cure" is encouraged.

        So we at Urbanpiggies have decided to help you out with some services for a small fee to help YOU the owners to take care more leniently and cheaply for your beloved pets who which in turn can live 5-7 years happily in your care.

Complete pampering includes:
Nail clipping
Hair cut
Wash and dry
Brushing and styling
Cleaning of Male grease gland
Healthy treat

* If piggy heavily matted extra charges apply.
Weekday and weekend times available

1 piggy $15
2 piggies $12 each
3 piggies $10 each

                                                   Collection/delivery service:

Within reason, if you are unable to bring your pet or collect it (bought), we can offer a pick-up/delivery service for your pet as it is contained within a suitable carrier for transportation. We do rent the carriers for your convenience.

Distance will be calculated according to Auto route figures.
$0.45 per km
$3.00 Carrier rental (applicable for grooming services)

Full payment is required when the guinea pig is dropped off or if pickup required payment is required when booking.To book or inquire about any of the services please Contact us.

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