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 Urbanpiggiesstud - Health Guarantee:

     Urbanpiggiesstud promises sound health of each guinea pig prior to purchase or shipping. We do not, and will never ship or sell an animal that we believe to be ill in any way or less than perfect. If your reserved guinea pig do become ill while in our care it will then be our responsibility to take proper care in treating your guinea pig without any extra fee's from you.

      If by for some reason, your guinea pig was to pass away while in our care you will receive a full refund or you will be able to select another guinea pig of the same quality depending on availability. We generally don't give more health guarantee after the animal has left our care and premisses, however if the animal in the next few days become ill in any way we are here to give prompt and best to our knowledge advise.

     **During shipping all the guinea pigs housed in the crates are familiar between them self ( males separate from females of course), and as such should not be a problem for them to get along just fine. In some rare cases they may or may not chew their/their mates hair for any reason and that's normal, either from stress or simple there is a "barber" in the crate. We can-not guarantee the show quality (re: hair) - unless we are specifically instructed to take care of the guinea pig in that sense and the animal travel alone in the crate.

 Urbanpiggiesstud - Their temper/character:

      Although we cannot guarantee the nature/temperament of our Guinea pig for homing, we are making an utmost effort to handle and love every guinea pig in our herd. As a breeders of quality/pedigreed guinea pigs we take unprecedented time to care and Handle each and every Guinea pig. We breed for our love of the guinea piggies - NOT FOR PROFIT.

       When they arrive at your home, we want them to be used to being handled. Having said that just like any other pet, they all have their own unique personalities.

 Urbanpiggiesstud - *Reservations:

       Once you select a guinea pig we require a 50% deposit to be placed on each reserved guinea pig. Only until your deposit is received will we hold that guinea pig for you until time of pick up or shipment.

 Urbanpiggiesstud - Waiting List:

        *We do not charge fee's for names to be added to our waiting list and we hold the right to offer pigs to whoever we so wish regardless of where they are on our list. In general  pigs are offered to the person at the top 1st and we work our way down. Occasionally however, someone at the bottom may have several guinea pigs reserved so we may offer pigs they are waiting for to them first so we can ship out their pigs first as we see that way more practical.

      As a gift and personal thanks to you for purchasing guinea pigs from us we will house/feed your reserved guinea pigs until time of pick-up or shipment with no extra charge.

If for some reason the buyer is not on the waiting list the piggies are offered on the basis:                                                           First come/First served
 Urbanpiggiesstud - Shipping/Transport:

       If you need to have your guinea pigs shipped via an airlines, we ship from  Melbourne via AIR. Upon request, we can check with specific airlines to get all the necessary information regarding the cost of the flight, conditions etc. Your total cost will include the guinea pig plus any transport expenses.

 Urbanpiggiesstud - Payments:

        *50% deposits are required as soon as you inform us of a guinea pig you want reserved. With a 50% deposit you may make your personal payments as it fits you & and your life style or you may pay in full. We only require full payments if shipping: 1 week before shipping date. If Personal pickup: At pick-up time.

 Urbanpiggiesstud - Returns / Surrenders

         If you have purchased a Guinea pig (s) from us and can no longer care for or keep your piggies, we will gladly accept the pig(s) back ( sorry no refund given) and either keep them or to find them a new home

        Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have by email:  

urban_piggies@mail.com  or through our contact page.

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